Cutting Your Carbs For Weight Loss

Cutting your carbs for weight loss doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m just saying it doesn’t have to be that hard.

When I have tried to restart my weight loss regiments over the years, I tried to start by doing the same things that I used to do when I was in my twenties, cutting your carbs for weight loss. Considering the terrible migraine headaches, the vomiting, and the near immediate colds I’d catch, clearly this wasn’t working for me anymore. That which I knew and did back in those days was out the window.

Due to this, I’d become discouraged, and soon enough fall right back into the bad habits I was trying to break. Most of the time I’d end up worse off than when I started. Reaching 270 pounds or so at my worse point ever. Clearly cutting carbs was not a good starting point for me.

So once again about a year and a half ago, I started training, but this time I committed to accepting that it would take time. As I set up my goals, and looked at the time tables, I felt frustrated and angry. I have to wait for another year before I can get down to 200 pounds?

When you are looking at it from the start, it sure sounds like a mighty long time, and it seems entirely out of reach. Psychologically that can be very discouraging. However, here’s a good point to note, regardless of whether or not you start, (barring death) that year is going to come and go. The question is, what will you be doing from now to then?

I chose to get to work, and like I said, the time passed, and as I stuck to my plan, I hit target. I went from 275 to a walking weight of just over 200 pounds. How I’ve done this is an entire series unto itself. I have covered this process over the year and a half that I’ve been back in business.

Now after several others, I have hit my most difficult plateau yet! Hours and hours of training a day, restricted calories, clean eating, seldom cheat meals, none of it is working anymore. I’m at the home stretch towards a visible six pack, and I’ve hit a wall that I cannot yet overcome. Or can I?

That’s when cutting carbs comes into play. The trick with carb cutting, is not to cut too much, or too long. If you do that, then you will become carb sensitive! Even if you smell some carbs, you’ll blow up like that bull which was running along Jamaica, Queens yesterday.

Like I said, I don’t eliminate them, I eat carbs throughout the day, just less than before, and during specific times. This morning, I had a 6 inch subway veggie patty. I feel exceptionally beat after a 3 class marathon yesterday, one of which I taught myself. So yeah, I know I’ve said that bread is out of my diet, but I’m keeping my body off guard about that fact and will have it on occasion. Today seemed like a good day to do so.

Generally, throughout the day, I’ll eat mostly protein. Depending on how I wake up feeling, I’ll have some carbs with breakfast, but if I feel okay, then I’ll hold off until after training. If you do that, there is science that suggests that you will replenish that which you took out, but are also less likely to store any of it as body fat. It’s really all trial and error, and everyone is different.

Since I workout in the evenings, I tend to take in my carbs in a shake form right after my session. Then later in the evening, depending on how I feel, I’ll  ingest some more with my protein meal for the evening. Lately, the shake has been enough to carry me over to the next day. However, I have gotten up a few nights at 3am and eaten a protein bar.

My weight was starting to go up even though I was doing hours of cardio. I knew that I had to make an adjustment to something, but what? So far this carb cutting appears to be working out for me. My weight loss has been resumed, and I am leaning out more.

By the way, I know I am focusing on weight, but let’s be clear on this, I don’t get on the scale often. When I talk about weight loss, what I really mean is body fat. Losing more weight but in the form of body fat. The reason my weight went up, and I didn’t notice is because I do my best to stay off the scale. That thing can mess with your head. I tend to prefer the mirror, and how clothes fit me. But on occasion I’ll check the scale.

I know that soon I’ll have to make yet another adjustment to keep progressing. Getting to that next level requires constant training. It’s very tricky and not easy to drop those last 15-20 pounds. But, like I said in the very beginning, time will pass whether or not you are working, so best get to work!

My regular meal samples:

830 am: Eggs or Protein Bar or Protein Shake or occasionally 6 inch veggie patty

12 Noon: Fish or Chicken with Cauliflower, Broccoli and green beans

330 pm: Protein bar or protein shake


8ish: Protein shake

10ish: Eggs or Chicken or Fish or some other form of protein. On occasion I’ll include some carbs depending how I feel

3 am: On occasion Protein bar

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