Male orgasm while working out

You know, if I read this question, “can a male orgasm while working out,” I’d think the answer is most likely no. Men and women are anatomically built differently, and we are sexually stimulated in different ways.

Of course, there are exceptions and circumstances where someone may be extremely sensitive, or not in certain areas and so on. But for the purposes of this experience, and this article, we’ll speak in general terms. Generally, men are not too likely to reach an orgasm while working out. Definitely not while lifting weights, or so I thought.

I’ve heard many stories of women coming to orgasm while taking a spin class. That scenario makes more sense to me since the vagina sits on the bike, and there is a stimulating, continuous massaging motion as she pedals and her body sways left to right. If you are highly sensitive, it’s very possible to reach an orgasm.

I know of many women who have said that they reached orgasm with water jets in the bath, and other forms of vibrating appliances. The vibrations can make it happen.

When it comes to men, the type of stimulation, and motion required to reach orgasm is not replicated on any exercise equipment. But don’t be fooled, it can still happen.

I was in my early 20s, at Ballys in 42nd Street and Madison. It was a very early morning workout with my buddy Clayton. I was performing a very heavy lift on the EZ Curl bar. I’d say at least 45 pounds on each side.

As I strained lifting the weight, grunting, and trying to get it up, I felt a sensation in my man area. I felt a pulsing, but I was in the middle of a lift, and we don’t stop in the middle of a lift. The more reps I did, the more I felt it, I kept pushing, and pushing, and as I finished the set, I felt myself starting to cum!

I couldn’t believe what I felt, and right after finishing my set, I ran to the bathroom to “pee.” I checked, and I had legit just busted a nut in my workout clothes while doing bicep curls. Since that time, it has never happened again, and I’m not sure how or why that happened. At the time, I think I was regularly getting some action, and I wasn’t horny or anything. No knock on my buddy Clayton, but he’s not my speed.

So, I guess that unless you have reached an orgasm while training, you ain’t going as hard as me! Literally!

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