So what is this Musicclout site about? Is it a hustle?

That was the question I asked of the folks at Musicclout.

By nature, I’m not very trusting of many people. Anyone person, product, or person who comes out and claims that they can get my music heard by “industry” people is immediately lumped into the full of caca section of my brain. I believe that if you really had that much clout in the industry, you wouldn’t be here talking to an open mic dweller like me about the great opportunities that you have available. It is more likely that you’d be sitting on a private jet plane next to Eminem or Jay Z.

The Evil Industry Musicclout and the others belong to!

I find that similar to modeling, acting, and any other talent related industry; the music industry is full of many individuals looking to exploit the dreams of doe-eyed fools. Many times, I have met individuals whom I swear must see a giant “sucker” sign tattooed on my forehead. Seriously? You work with Eminem, man; that’s awesome, sure I’ll pay you $500 dollars to show him my song the next time you have tea.

Get the hell out of here with that bull crap!

Initial encounter.

Anyway, so I came across this Musicclout website, signed up, saw an option that says, “You get one free pitch,” so I figured, let’s test them out. Once I signed up, I tried to pitch a song, and up comes a $5 request. I immediately left the site and wrote them off as full of the caca, which was my initial suspicion anyway.

However, I saw that these folks are connected to people that I know and trust. Since Alysia Stern was the one putting out their links, I decided to give these guys a chance to explain the service. I reached out to see if they were on the up and up.

The response that I received from a gentleman named Dave really impressed me. Not only did he take the time to reply to my tweet in a personal email, but he also took the time to share how and why they are doing what they are doing. As well as how they can help us the artists save time, effort, and resources.

I haven’t committed to the service yet, but I did not delete my account, or unsubscribe from the listings. I think I may eventually give it a try; I appreciate it when a business takes the time to talk to potential clients. And hell, you never know, maybe Eminem will hear one of my songs and take me on as a writer or something.

Musiclout responds!

Check out the awesome response Dave sent me, if you have used or intend to use them, let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear about your experience!

We think of Music Clout as an aggregator of current opportunities and resources that are relevant for musicians. However, most of the opportunities are not exclusive to our site and with a little hard work and research, an artist can do the work by them self.

It does take time, persistence and in some cases a relationship with that company to get your music considered by them and that is the service Music Clout provides. We’ve already taken the time, been persistent and developed the relationship, insuring that our members’ music gets considered.

So the way I see it, if a musicians has a busy schedule and just can’t find the time to consistently research new opportunities for their music, our site is a perfect platform for someone like that. Its very cost effective if you consider the amount of time it takes locating new contacts, drafting emails and following up until something happens, than a $8.95 or $14.95 fee per month is totally worth it.

If you’re just looking to learn a little more about various music related topics, we have a constantly updated article database that currently has 340 articles about all kinds of topics helpful to independent musicians.

I really appreciate the question Angel and if there is anything else I can help you learn about Music Clout please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. hi does anyone know if an artist has had success on muscicclout and also would anyone know anyother contacts to send music too for tv/films thanks

  2. I just signed up my husband up on Music Clout and I hope there is a positive outcome. They seem pretty legit so I thought we would try it out for a month to see how it goes. If there isn’t much activity, we will go ahead and cancel the account. We get offers on gig salad everyday so hopefully this one helps pick up more offers =)

  3. I’m UK based and I got a call from a DJ on a CBS affiliate radio station in St. Louis asking to play a song of mine – don’t know if it was ever played but there was a positive conversation between us. He moved stations soon after and as far as I know, took my song with him. Again, don’t know if he ever played it.
    A music publisher in South Africa wanted to represent my songs also through music clout.

  4. I used Music Clout and paid for the premium account for about 5 months. I submitted for every possible opportunity that we (my band) qualified for. I never received a single lead or response that was not automated.

    If you think maybe we didn’t get any response because our music sucks, check out and you be the judge.

    I ended up canceling the subscription and would not recommend this service to anyone.

  5. Have been using it for several years. One contact from a DJ who actually was not a DJ. And recently, Dave sent an email in regards to a music licensing company. Have not heard back from that company in 2 weeks. Tried to contact Dave and the confusing email system that they have. To no avail everyone has dropped off the planet. No more Dave, no more inter-website communication, no more music licensing company. I call Bullsh*t!

  6. I have been using It for the last three months with the $14.95 monthly subscription. My thinking was that the price was quite reasonable given that you can go for as many opportunities as you want, so I thought I’d give it a try and if I can’t earn my money back then stop. But here’s the thing. In twelve weeks and around twenty submissions, I haven’t received one single reply. It’s like dropping the stuff down a well. I can understand that people might not like the music, but no replies at all….? I leave you to judge. Love, Richard Conrad Morgan

    • The cheaper option is similar to the monthly fee that I pay for my website. Anyhow, I have my own connections. It’s just a matter of following through, interpersonal communication, composing good music, and having decent-good recordings of your songs. If it’s good enough for local radio play, then you have a better chance of getting your songs heard.

  7. Interesting responses

    my comment is what are each of you doing besides relying on someone else?
    in the event someone gets let’s say an easy number 3 songs from 3 bands for a single project…do they have the time to let the others know they did not get chosen? And it has nothing to do with whether the music good or even liked.

    Let’s go over a little be of history by starting in the present.
    Name the top ten artists you know got their start off American Idol, The Voice and X factor that gets regular rotation on terrestrial radio and has toured at least once since they left the show?

    As a company that represents all that want to be in the industry we would never inform any of our clients to sign the contract in order to perform on any of those shows. Simultaneous we have had a client that wanted to take the gamble and learn from the experience.

    take the time a read:

    here is our point….the majority of the readers of this site will not “read” any of the links we posted….the majority of artists do not “read” the terms and agreements that are posted on any site and just click that they read and agree. The idea of “over night” success is like me thinking the lottery ticket I just bought is the winning ticket yet I keep buying them not all the time yet gotta be in it to win it.

    This industry we are in is very hard, especially for those that want to be independent and sound like themselves and not what they hear on the radio. You as an Artist must be smart about your spending. A monthly fee will never go away so is it worth the money?

    The most valuable thing we all poses is our time and that is what a lot of Artists do not recognize they want to submit something and get it picked up or explained why it was not chosen..

    Please accept my apologies for ranting I just want us all to unite and take the music industry back and we must all be smart and work together to keep our enemies closer than our friends so we can spend the time questioning and realizing they are the some that statement will not make sense or this post may not be understood it just helps me get it off my chest..


  8. While I have had a few things happen from their site, I recently discovered they double- and sometimes triple-charged me for their service, and now are completely unresponsive.

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