Petition to save a husky life after biting off kids arm.

So this young child put his hand inside a sock, stuck it under a fence to play with these neighboring huskies. One of the dogs, unaware of what the sock contained within apparently bit off the kids hand thinking it was a game of tug of war. This is a tragedy and terribly heartbreaking for the young child.

However, how can you blame the dog for this? Dogs don’t have the reasoning ability of a human being to know, “Oh, hey, you know what, maybe there is a child’s hand hidden inside this sock so I should be careful.” I don’t think you can really blame anyone for this, although if I were to look for blame, it certainly wouldn’t be put on the dogs.

I feel for the kid and his family. This is tragic, but it is terribly wrong to punish these dogs for the actions of human beings. I signed the petition, and though I don’t know what this online stuff will do, it doesn’t hurt to try and bring visibility to the situation.



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