Should you have sex if she’s drunk?

Years ago I was on a trip with some folks. During that trip, I had a beautiful woman ask me to have sex with her. She was really desirable to me and I wanted her badly. The problem at the time was that she was piss drunk. I genuinely liked her, and I wanted her, but I wanted this to happen the right way.

In my heart, I knew that we’d never have an actual relationship. I didn’t think she liked me that way, and I knew that if I wanted to be with this woman, this was probably my only opportunity. However, knowing all these things, I knew that she couldn’t mean what she was saying to me at the time.

Angel, come and fuck me now! I really want it! Dude stop being such a bitch, I know you want me, I’m a grown woman and I know what the fuck I’m doing! No, I’m not drunk! Are you gay?

I’ll repeat to you guys, I wanted this so badly! But man, you know she doesn’t mean this and if you fuck her, then you are a piece of shit who took advantage of her. So I said no, I can’t, not like this. She was upset at me for rejecting her, and I told her that I was not rejecting her. I said, please go to sleep, then ask me in the morning when you have sobered up, if you are still interested, I’ll dive inside of your body with the grace of an olympic swimmer.

The next day she came over to me and cried in my arms. She said she couldn’t remember much, except that I rejected her and put her to sleep. She thanked me for not taking advantage of her. I asked her if she still wanted to, she hit me and said “Of course not, Angel, WTF?” I just said, “Damn!” LOL.

I always felt that it was dishonorable to take a woman who was smashed. Mind you, I’m not holier than thou, I’m not a feminist, I’m just not a fucking rapist! Truth be told I’m as much a piece of shit as everyone else. But there are some core rules you don’t violate, and to me, this was one of them.

We never did hook up after that, but like I said, if we were gonna be together, it had to be the right way. Mind you, I’m not talking about a relationship, I’m just saying that she had to be coherent. Fellas, I hope you think the same way I do on this one. If you don’t, then please reevaluate your thought process.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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