Told man to move his daughter away

I was riding the subway, and there was a homeless man next to me. He was ranting and cursing about everything under the sun. When the train arrived at the next stop, he quieted down for a moment.

A man entered the train with a young girl. I stood there a few seconds and thought that it’s not a good thing for this little girl to be around what this homeless guy was doing.

I tapped the father in the arm, he turned around defensively, I don’t blame him, this is NYC after all. I told him in Spanish that he should move his daughter away. I quietly explained that the guy behind me was cursing and raging out and that this is not good for the little girl.

The man looked in that direction, saw the homeless guy, nodded at me and moved away from us. This isn’t a big deal but my thoughts were, “Would I want my little sister or daughter exposed to all the nastiness that man was saying?” The answer to that is no, so I did the needful to spare that child from this nonsense.

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