Webster Hall Returning Spring 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, when Webster Hall closed down, I was terribly upset. I spent many weekend and weekday nights partying there during my “prime.” As I fought my way back to health, I looked forward to one day again gracing the Hall with my abs. But then they closed down and I lost that chance.

But alas, there is renewed hope and even more motivation for me to continue now! I don’t party much if ever anymore, but I am truly excited about Webster Hall making a comeback. I hope the changes are awesome and that they still play some dope ass music!

More importantly, I’ll be able to party with my son and my little sister one day at my old party spot. Awesomeness!

Below is the tweet from the Webster Hall account, I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to check out my old stomping grounds!

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