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After spending several hours recording my new song “Dear Mama” with King Sage, we were both hungry and decided it was time to eat. He suggested this spot, and you know I’m always down to try a new place, and I am rather fond of Thai food.

This place was pretty cool, the people were pretty nice and courteous. It’s a modest restaurant, nothing fancy, but the food is good. One thing I will say, if something says spicy here, it’s straight up legit spicy! Both Sage and I were overwhelmed by the spices in the food. It was delicious, but tissues were used to dry off as I sweat! Sage poured water into his soup!

This is a legit thai place, not a thai restaurant run by other folks. They were speaking the language, and seemed to have a lot of Thai customers. Sage asked what language they were speaking, the worker said “Thai.” Listen, if you can take the heat, and you want to try what I believe is some pretty good Thai food, go ahead and give these folks a try.

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Angel Rodriguez

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