ASICS Unisex Slider V. Kneepad

I make no secret that my favorite knee pads are my cliff keen knee pads. I’ve had a pair since 2004, and I bought another pair recently. Those things are just off the hook. But I also wanted to try other knee pads as well, for price point, variety, etc.

These knee pads are slightly bulkier than the cliff keens, but they are still fairly usable under my gi for my brazilian jiujitsu classes. Unlike the bodyprox knee pads, the cloth inside stays in place and doesn’t jack up my skin. Like I said, they are slightly thicker, and I thought this would be a problem for me sparring, but it wasn’t. They worked out fairly well.

I got these on amazon, and I guess since they are my only other pair, besides my two cliff keens, that they are my second favorite. Hehe. Seriously speaking, they work well, but if I am going to buy any more knee pads, I’ll only get the cliff keens henceforth. They are just the best ones for me.

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