Bill Deblasio wants to be president?

Seems like many NYC Mayors before him, Deblasio is taking to Florida and other key states in efforts to drum up some support and popularity for a 2020 presidential bid.

Here’s the thing man, I don’t think that even the Democrats are backing you as their guy, and most of us in NYC wouldn’t even have you as Mayor. Under your watch, I feel like NYC has been going back towards the old days, rather than towards a better future.

I can’t cite statistics or any of that crap, but I walk these streets, and I have walked them for nearly my entire life. Things feel different. I cannot name one notable initiative that you have accomplished as Mayor that betters our city.

Maybe I’m wrong, and feel free to prove me as such. However, if you can’t do anything notable as the Mayor of one of the biggest and greatest cities in the world, where do you get off thinking that you can run the whole country?

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