Champs: Tyson, Holyfield, and Hopkins


Tonight I watched this documentary about these 3 great champions. They couldn’t have created a better title if they tried.

The documentary was amazing! I have followed Mike Tyson’s career for a long time and I’ve been a fan forever. Though I am a fan of, and know quite a lot about Holyfield and Hopkins, I learned a great deal more watching this documentary.

Sometime ago I played this game called “Fight Night,” you probably heard of it. I don’t recall which one it was, but one of them had you fighting in prison. Well, damn, I had no idea that this is how Hopkins really started out his career. Boxing literally saved his life, and I learned all about that story watching this documentary. My man became the state penitentiary champion while in prison. Even after getting out, he came back there to train and remind himself of where he came from. What a story this guy has!

I remember a long time ago reading something about Holyfield getting screwed at the olympics, but I didn’t know the story as clearly as they laid it out here. I’ll tell you, this man is a class act, even when clearly screwed by that jerk of a referee, he kept his composure. Even when bitten in the ear, he kept his composure. Massive, massive respect gained by Holyfield after watching his story. You learn so much about him here, even after demolishing Buster Douglas, people didn’t respect him as the true champ because he hadn’t beaten Mike Tyson! Now ain’t that some crap?

Now Tyson, man I’ve been following his career forever. I went to his show “Undisputed Truth” and sat somewhat close to Puff Daddy, 50 Cent, Spike Lee and some other hot shots. I listened to him spill his heart, and come clean for all of us. This documentary builds on that, and any fan of Tyson should watch this.

I’m a huge fan of these fighters, particularly the big men, they really put boxing on the map during that era. But the life stories are just as amazing, and I think that we can all learn a thing or two based on the stories these men share. Lessons ranging from managing your money, to not taking things for granted! I highly recommend the film!

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