Charles Foehner Update

10/27/23 – Our friend and neighbor Chuck is still taking his cute dog Biscuit out on walks and going through the court proceedings. He’s living his life as peacefully as he can and despite all these complications, still a heck of a nice guy. Chuck is trying to raise money for his defense, and if you are willing and able to do so, he would greatly appreciate the help, and so would Jenny and Biscuit. These are good folks and they deserve a second chance at life, especially after a lifetime of living as good citizens.

If you can give, share, like, it would help Chuck greatly:

*Original Update follows*

In this cruel world, your story is sexy, until it is no longer front-page news. That is the sad reality of how we do things today. All of us, I’m no different.

Unfortunately though, just because a story is no longer front-page news, doesn’t mean that things are okay. Such is the update that I will provide you with on my elderly neighbor, Charles Foehner.

Most of you know the story already, but a brief recap. Charles was approached by a man, who attempted to rob him, and upon lunging at him with what Chuck thought was a knife, he fired his weapon, killing the man. The DA and most of the public agree and support that this was a case of self-defense. A subsequent search of his home led to the discovery of many unregistered firearms, and that is the crime he is being charged with.

At this point in time, Charles is desperately trying to raise money for his legal defense. Due to the massive outpouring of support that this story received, he was hoping that perhaps a crowdfunding campaign would be helpful.

He shared one out, and though he is extremely grateful for every cent he has received, it’s mostly come from friends and family, most of which have limited resources. It is not nearly enough to retain the legal counsel he will require.

This is why he turns to you, the general public, to please try and help him raise this money. If you can’t provide funds, a share on your social media channels would help him tremendously.

If you can give, share, like, it would help Chuck greatly:

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