Self-defense shooting in Kew Gardens?

A couple of years ago, on New Year’s Day, we had a fatal shooting due to the hotel parties happening behind our building. Over the past few years, it feels like the neighborhood is getting worse and worse. Last night once again illustrated that. First I was attacked on the way home, and then there was a shooting.

A man was allegedly attempting to rob one of my neighbors. I’ve heard that the robber attempted to stab him and that this is illustrated in the security video. From what I understood, as he was attacked he fired several shots at the would-be robber. The thief was pronounced dead on the scene shortly after.

The robbery victim called 911, cooperated, and provided his gun to the police. At this time they are not sure if murder charges will be filed. Listen, if someone is trying to harm you, in my opinion, you have every right to defend yourself. We do live in a heavily antigun/antipolice city, but I can’t imagine anyone reprimanding this man for defending his own life against this knife-wielding robber if the video illustrates that fact. If your life is on the line, you should be able to defend yourself. All of you. All of us. But whether or not that is the case here remains to be seen. From all I have heard from people “in the know,” it is a case of self-defense.

The loss of life sucks, I hate to hear that someone was killed. However, if I have to choose between a law-abiding citizen surviving an assault where a person is trying to take their life, that’s not a very hard decision to make. The mainstream press asked me some questions as I walked Peppa, and a few came to my door, I told them all the same thing, that as far as I could tell he was a good neighbor and always acted in good faith. He’s always seemed like a nice guy to me, I like him.

There are officers by his door, presumably to protect his family, and no official names have been released as far as I know. I was asked for his name by the press, but since the police have not released it I refused to provide that information. I did keep wondering if the robber was the same guy who attacked me yesterday on Queens Boulevard, but after seeing his picture, it is a different person.

I haven’t seen the video footage, but I was told that it exonerates him. Again, I can’t speak to that as I haven’t seen it. Let’s wait and see what happens as the video and further details come out. I’ll update you as more details become available. Please note that my current statements are based on the information that I presently have and this story is fluid and developing.

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