Dancing is like language, everyone has their own accent

My wife and I were having dinner with this stud, Danilo F. Silva who happens to be a really good zumba instructor. We were talking about training and I was sharing with him my struggles in creating, learning, retaining, and adapting choreography to my own abilities. This was especially true when I first started teaching and learning my own style.

Danilo who had already had a few shots of sake in him, and was obviously feeling quite nice started to break it down for me beautifully. The guy speaks like poetry to my ears. This is unrelated to the post, but this man’s energy is something else. Even as a heterosexual man, I can sense his sensual energy and prowess. As we sat there eating, I thanked my lucky stars that he’s gay so I don’t have to worry about my wife. LOL. Kidding. Kidding.

So yeah, along with that I was also telling them about how I was very timid about dancing in clubs or weddings unless I was very drunk. He laughed and said these words to me, and it made so much sense, “Angel, dancing is like language, everyone has their own accent. How can someone tell you that you are wrong, that your accent is wrong? Dance however you like and be happy.”

Danilo is right. It clicked in my head how even with choreo, I take it and adapt it to my “accent.” I bring this mindset to my classes, and I don’t care how people are dancing, as long as they are having fun, getting a sweat, and expressing their accent. I still have to watch out for the ones who crash into others, but overall, I just want people to have fun and express themselves through our dancing.

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