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Dr Debra Blum at Dental Implants & Oral Surgery for Adults and Children

So Dr Kong sent me over to Dr Blum to have some wisdom teeth removed. I’ve been putting this off for as long as I can remember, but it came to a head and I couldn’t put it off any longer. You can read that whole history in the prior link, I’ll focus on the practice here.

So Dr Blum’s office is not “in network” for my insurance, I only found this out the day of surgery. However, this was not due to their lack of communicating with me. The front desk staff reached out to me a few times and my stupid ass thought it was just a courtesy reminder about the upcoming appointment. Turns out they were reaching out to inform me about the insurance situation. So that’s on me, I guess Dr Kong should also refer me to someone in network, but again, I didn’t listen to the message so they did their part.

I found out once I got there and I considered leaving. However, there were several things at play here. First of all, if I left, I don’t know if or when I’d revisit this wisdom thing again. Also, and this was key in my decision to stick around, was how efficient, professional, and willing to help me the front desk staff was. I’m sorry, I suck at names, and I was nervous as shit that day. But the lady up front, she was on point with it all. Really, I think I stuck around mostly because she had her shit in order. This made me think that the rest of the office must also be on point. So I decided to practically eat the entire cost of the surgery to get it done right and have it done then and there.

After we sorted out the financial logistics of everything, they did an x-ray, decided whether or not they’d be doing all 4 wisdom teeth and why, and eventually we got to work.

Dr Blum gave me the speech about the nerves in the jaw, the risk that the surgery posed to it and wanted to make sure I understood. This is the typical cover your ass medical stuff. There is always a risk when these things are happening. Dr Blum answered all my questions and did a great job of calming a very scared old man. They hit me with the relax juice and I sort of knocked out. I was aware at certain times and heard some things, but I know that I was out cold for most of the time as I don’t remember hearing or feeling much.

After everything, Dr Blum gave me some information, and later on I received a text message from her about how I was doing and so on. Considering that I had 4 wisdom teeth ripped out at once, this experience was as pleasant as it can be. I really like Dr Blum and I feel she did everything really well. Her staff was cool, and the real MVP is the front desk lady who calmed my ass down and helped navigate all the insurance on the fly right then and there. That’s the type of employee every business needs, and I sure hope that Dr Blum recognizes her efforts. I’m sure she does.

Look folks, yes, I ate a shit ton of expense on this, but if you are going to do something like this, trust your instincts and your gut. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Yes, I paid, but I am extremely satisfied with the work that was done and the service I received at this practice. This is not at all relevant to the work, but I think Dr Blum is a very attractive woman, so that doesn’t hurt either. I mean, if you are going to have your mouth ripped open, and you have no choice but to engage in this terrifying experience, why not have the presence of a beautiful woman there to force your very fragile male ego to suck it up and get it done? Seriously though, if you need to have some heavy shit done in your mouth, definitely consider Dr Blum, she was great.

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