Everyone can be beaten

I just saw a clip of Connor McGregor beating a guy up in the first round, after saying that he would beat the guy up in the first round. The comments section was the usual nonsense you’d expect from people online. On one hand you had his fans who were defending him and his legacy. They say you should respect the history and great legacy he has created. Meanwhile the haters were saying stop living in the past, you were recently beaten badly. And on and on it goes back and forth.

McGregor, like others before him, and others who have yet to come, is a great fighter. The guy has made millions and for the most part has often come out on top and remained fairly healthy. The dude is amazing. Sure, Khabib beat him pretty badly, but I assure you that if Khabib continued to fight, eventually, someone would beat him too. No one is unbeatable. Even the late, great Muhammad Ali was beaten during his reign.

I remember when Anderson Silva was on top, everyone thought that he could never lose. He was out here making quick and easy work of all the top guys, wrecking them, until he wasn’t. Lyoto Machida at one period appeared unbeatable. Brock Lesnar was a beast and even he got caught. Mike Tyson was destroying everyone at one period.

The point is, that no matter how bad and unbeatable you might appear at one point, someone out there has the formula to beat you. No matter how amazing and great of a fighter you are, there will come a day when you have to take an L. No one is immune to that. Be it from too much fighting, aging, injuries, or simply being out skilled, no one is unbeatable.

So no matter how you feel about Connor, crapping on him for losing a fight doesn’t change the fact that this dude has done amazing things. Love him or hate him, an honest, logical person simply cannot deny his accomplishments and contributions to combat sports.

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