Fasted Cardio in the morning

Plateaus are a son of bitch, if you haven’t hit one yet, don’t worry, you will. Our bodies are magical and they adapt to everything we throw at them. When you start training, your regiment will challenge you. As time passes you will become stronger and adapt to the regiment. Since I started training, I think that I have been through about 5 plateaus. Each time requiring an adjustment to my training, diet, etc.

This last plateau has been the most difficult to break. My eating is pretty clean, my training is consistent, and I sleep a relatively decent amount of hours. Yet, my progress has stalled. It makes sense, the leaner you get, and the closer you get to your goal, the more challenging it becomes. That’s just how it is. It’s easier to drop weight and make some progress earlier on.

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Fasted a.m cardio.

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As I thought about what else I could do to restart my progress, I decided that I’d be adding some heavier weight training in the evenings. In addition to this I’ve added a second cardio session to my day. I am waking up at 7am, and hitting the gym on an empty stomach. Then I’m doing about 30 minutes of high intensity interval cardio training on either the elliptical or stair climber. On some days I also practice my new Zumba choreography.

This is my first week doing this new regiment, and it is too soon to tell, but I will say that I am noticing my abs a bit more. I’m sure that this will get me into the 180 pound realm breaking through this plateau. It’s not easy, I’m feeling it now after a week. Mostly, I think I need to get my ass to bed earlier.

There is something about cardio in the A.M that feels so good to me. It’s not for everyone, but for years this was the way I trained, and doing it again feels oh so good! For some reason, doing the elliptical in the a.m feels more comfortable than doing it in the evening. I’m super excited to get to this next level.

How have you dealt with your plateaus?

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