Father of the bride 2022

My wife was watching this movie when I got home from training. As I ate, it caught my attention. As is generally the case when watching anything with my wife, we finished it a day later.

I missed the very beginning where the parents got married, but I did see most of the film. I gotta tell you folks, this is not a film I would have ever jumped out of my seat to watch. It’s not my typical sought out film, but whenever I do watch one like this I do love it. Maybe it is my thing after all. I mean I don’t seek them, but when I watch them, I do enjoy them.

It is a cute coming of age film for an old school traditional father and his family. It highlights some of the conflicts and differences one might encounter when dealing with young adults today, and their life choices. The usual “I came here with nothing” scenario that plays out.

There are all kinds of funny twists happening and overall this is an enjoyable film. Highly recommended.

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