First month of TRT

So the major item I wanted to highlight at the end of the first month is weight gain. I appear to have put on about 10 pounds in the last month. As I understand it, this is water weight and normal as the body adapts.

When I first noticed this, I felt extremely discouraged and upset. I know they say muscle weighs more than fat, but come on now, I know I didn’t gain 10 pounds of muscle in one month. I don’t look like I put on 10 pounds of muscle either. As I mentioned, I was initially distraught about this, but I started to read up on it and speak to people on Reddit and stuff. I was assured that this happens to all of us and I should be patient.

So I’m not all that worried about that anymore, I’m just going to keep doing the work and let time do it thing. It should be noted that I am doing this in tandem with a new physical therapy strengthening regimen and I’m also taking BPC157. In addition to that I have temporarily omitted all forms of training that my physical therapist does not approve of. This covers most weight lifting, Jujitsu, boxing, etc. I am only doing cardio, Yoga, and the strength movements prescribed by my therapist.

I feel like I am recovering a bit faster and I’m not as physically run down as I have been before. I don’t feel great yet. However, I was told that it takes at least 6 weeks to start noticing the effect and we are only 4 weeks in. Also, my doctor told me that I should give it up to a year to see the major results. So this is a long game thing. I’ll continue to keep you posted over time.

I have noticed that my orgasms are much more intense now than they were before. One of the few times where I was lucky enough to get some action after having started TRT I almost thought I was gonna die during sex. LOL. It was so intense and I just kept going and going and I was like “Oh crap I’m gonna die here.” I didn’t die, but I came really, really hard. So that’s a bonus.

Finally, I’ve also decided that I’m gonna post a weekly or monthly shirtless dancing video to document my process or lack thereof, enjoy.

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