Husband spends money on Onlyfans instead of bills

So according to these screenshots, you have a man struggling to pay his family’s bills at home. However, it’s not due to a lack of funds, but because he prioritizes looking at booty over his family.

That’s not the worst of it though. According to the tweet this screenshot originated in, this dude is looking at his wife’s friend Onlyfans page. He allegedly sent her over $600. And that’s the one we know about, I bet there are more models he’s paying.

The wife expects her friend to send back the money because she knows they are struggling. Mind you, she earned that money fair and square, she didn’t have to say anything. She even offered to return half of the money. After reading her response though, I wouldn’t have returned one red cent. Who the hell does this woman think she is?

He sent her a total of about $600, Onlyfans keeps 20%, and this “friend” expects her to return it all? Bruh, if she gave you the full amount, she’s actually going negative. They keep a portion, and they don’t care who’s husband it is or who’s your friend, you ain’t getting a damn thing back. So she’s supposed to take the loss cause you are behind? Cause your husband is an idiot?

The only person who is at fault here is the husband. That dude is pure trash. Not only is he spending the family’s money on garbage, but he’s spending it on sexualizing a friend of his wife. This is beyond just stupid financial management, this is straight up disrespectful. Meanwhile, the wife is riding her friend instead of him. She’ll probably stay with him too. Absolutely ridiculous story.

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