Giant spider in my dream

Last night, I was sleeping with my CPAP like I always do. I guess I must have been dreaming because I thought I had a giant spider on my face. I abruptly slapped my cpap mask and ended up nearly knocking the whole machine down. I scared the crap out of my wife and poor Peppa with the big bang the machine made as it slammed on the table at 4am in the morning. Sorry.

I’ve been sleeping with the cpap for years now, but sometimes it still makes me feel claustrophobic, I feel trapped and like I’m suffocating. This creates a feeling of panic and desperation which if I’m asleep leads to me attacking the cpap. Some nights I rip it off in my sleep and I’m not even aware of it until my wife elbows or kicks me because of my snoring. Other times, I have to get up and wait around for a little bit because of pain and fatigue from the mask. One night, I grabbed tube that is attached, and I ripped it in half. I’m not sure why I did that, but that sucked because that tube is expensive. I just wanted it off of me!

Usually I sleep fine with the thing, but some nights things like this happen. The fact that I do these acts seemingly unaware is why I keep my gun without one in the chamber in a locked safe while we sleep. It creates an extra step if I ever need to get to it to protect our home, but I wanted the extra step to ensure I don’t end up trying to shoot a spider off my face or something. Responsible gun ownership! LOL.

Anyway, how did you sleep on hallows eve!

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