Half Bad: Jessica Byrne


I have to rant about Jessica Byrne. The level of evil that this kid has displayed since early childhood is unbelievable. She is cruel to her brother in ways that are unimaginable, tormenting him since early childhood.

Granted, in her stupidity, she blames him for the death of her mother, and I’m sure that this is a traumatic thing. However, blaming an infant, your own brother for it, to the point that you are willing to maim, stab, and torture him is just wrong and beyond reason.

Her grandmother saw how cruel she was, and frankly, she should not have given her the blood and let her die. The world would be a much better place without her around.

I despise her character and I hate how all of a sudden she is elevated in command of the Fairborn military arm. Like, seriously dude? What makes her so special? I hope that there is some hidden agenda where Soul will end up killing her as part of his own, cruel, evil psychotic ritual and I hope that she suffers in the process. What she did to Odette and her brother was so cruel and she watched it with glee as if enjoying it.

Jessica Byrne is truly a sociopath and I look forward to a very painful, awful death for her.

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