Holding pads!

Unless you are paying for private training in boxing or kickboxing, you are likely attending a group class. That means that sometimes you will be the person punching and kicking while your partner will be the one holding the pads. At some point those roles will be reversed and you’ll be the one holding the pads.

This brings me to my point, depending on who you are working with, holding pads can be quite painful. I remember a boxer who I used to hold pads for, this dude would punch so hard that I felt it in my soul. Absorbing kicks usually hurts a bit more than punches, but this dude was the exception. He moved like a welterweight and hit like a heavyweight. He had such incredible power.

There was one time some guy started crap with him on the subway and my man just changed into a completely different person. His energy even put fear in my heart. Then I thought how stupid this guy starting trouble was. If his punches hurt that much on my arms, imagine how much it would hurt on someone’s face or ribs. Ouch! The troublemaker must have sensed the danger cause he backed off after my boy said a few words of warning to him.

In any case, I hope this pain is a conditioning thing that becomes better as I do it more often. This is my second week in and I feel better I did my first, but it still freaking hurts absorbing the kicks. Bearing in mind that I have both a wrist and shoulder injury, this aspect of training worried me a bit. However, thus far it’s been okay.

I’m working at getting better on the pads as well as how I punch. I feel I’ve been jamming my thumb when throwing hooks and uppercuts, that has to be a mechanical or position thing.

What are your thoughts on holding pads for someone?

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