Punisher – Daredevil – Seventh circle Review

So I just finished reading this comic book series, and though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I can’t understand Daredevil’s obsession with always doing what he believes is “the right thing.”

The comic is about a criminal named Antonov who is supposed to go to trial. Daredevil is trying to get him there, but The Punisher has justice plans of his own that he’d like to deliver. Much as in the tv series for those who don’t read the comics, they butt heads over this major difference in philosophies.

My issue is that they fight and fight and neither will seriously hurt or kill the other. I get that, they are both “good” guys and despite Castles methods, he does have a code of honor. But nothing is ever resolved here, it’s kind of like The Joker and Batman. They dance and dance and it’s never sorted out. 

Now let me tell you about this Antonov. He kills women, children, officers and basically anyone he needs to kill to get away or have his way. Daredevil tells The Punisher “you are a killer and I won’t let you kill Antonov.” Meanwhile this Antonov has killed many people before and continues to do so while under Daredevil’s protection. So what about those people and their families?

At one point The Punisher tells Daredevil, any deaths that happen from this point on are on your hands! After that statement, I can count of at least two officers who died because Antonov assassinated them. In my eyes, those two officers are dead because Daredevil kept him alive. Will his moral superiority return those two dead officers to their families, their children, their lives? No, his moral bull crap will not achieve that will it?

So what’s the freaking point? Daredevil is so damned preoccupied with getting this horrible human being to “fair justice” that he allows him to murder innocent people in the process? That’s some really stupid logic.

The Punisher is crazy, yes. But you don’t see innocent people die on his watch that often. I’m sure it can happen to any superhero, I mean look at the events that led to Civil War (film). But in this comic it happened directly as a result of Daredevil’s pathetic obsession with keeping this savage alive. 

I enjoy Daredevil to a degree, but when he is behaving like this, and his moral high ground actions lead to the death of innocent people, I find him utterly insufferable. If The Punisher killed Antonov, all those people he killed would still be alive and the only dead person would have been Antonov. Is that really such a bad thing? 

This is a great read, but seriously, Daredevil can be terribly annoying.

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