Week 3 of TRT

So far I have not noticed any major changes in my body or energy levels. As I understand it, this does take a good deal of time to kick in. I will say that my cardio strength feels better, I’m able to push a bit harder and use a higher level because it feels easy at what I was using. Although that could just be progress in general.

Today I had a bit of a problem with air bubbles while attempting to extract testosterone. It took me about 7 minutes to get it right this time. I also learned that those red needle bins lock for good once you lock them, I did not know that. So before you attempt to lock it, look up on how it’s temporarily done on your specific bin because once you lock it permanently, opening it is nearly impossible.

Finally, you might notice that after you inject, you might have some testosterone leak out. Apparently, this is normal and happens on occasion. Thanks for following my journey, this is my brief but insightful week 3 update.

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