I’m 46 years old

I’m not sure what I expected to happen at 46 when I was younger, but I thought I’d be different. One thing you don’t realize about getting older is that you really don’t change all that much. Sure, you get more mature, you stop partying, and some things undoubtedly change, but you are still pretty much the same person you always were.

Perhaps the changes are so gradual that I don’t even perceive them myself. Kind of when you are losing weight but you still think you are fat. I don’t have a huge amount of money saved. I’m not living my life the way I thought an old person would. Things are just not what I thought they’d be.

My son and I were talking about it today and we agreed that we are going to be different old people. Our generation, perhaps from mine and on, is not the same as the generations before us. Perhaps it’s the different times or the fact that we stay healthier which keeps us young? Perhaps it is being a hybrid generation that both predates and was around to adopt this new technological world that has kept us cool and young.

I don’t know, but we are different. I just turned 46 years old, and except for the injuries I’ve sustained doing stupid things, I don’t feel that old. I’m a slightly more mature 23 years old is all. Do you feel your age?

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