Iron Neck Update 2023

I have been using the Iron Neck a bit more consistently lately, so I thought I’d provide some updates on my progress or lack thereof.

First and foremost, I have been using it at its most basic level. Retraction, rotation, and walking rotations. The reason for this is that I have a neck herniation, and frankly, I haven’t received a specific response about whether or not this is safe to use with herniation or what exercises to do.

When I reached out and asked, they sent me a few generic links and then told me to pay for some advanced training videos. My biggest concern was to know if with my specific injury, I could use this device and how to properly use it. I did not receive an acceptable answer so I cannot with 100% certainty say that this is helping me. In fact, I could unknowingly be making things worst. My physical therapist told me not to use it because it isn’t studied enough.

In terms of pain and progress, thus far I have not experienced any real improvement. I’m still in pain nearly every day and some days it becomes unbearable. I cannot say with complete certainty whether or not using the device makes it worse. Although, there was one time that it got really bad after using it. I may have put too much resistance on the rotational aspect. Since that day, I do not put any resistance on the rotation portion. However, it would be unfair to blame the device as I don’t know for sure if the Iron Neck caused it.

I think that my neck muscles may be getting stronger but I’m not sure if that is helpful for my specific injury. I am still just as vulnerable to pain and weak in neck area. But perhaps for herniation, they’d recommend something else in terms of exercises? I wouldn’t know because I didn’t get a proper response from them.

They recently released the new version, Iron Neck 3.0. It came out just months after I purchased my 2.0. I was a bit bothered about that because if I knew it was coming, I would have waited for the newer, lighter, smaller version.

I reached out and they said they’d give me a 10% discount on the new device. I had just dropped nearly $600 for the older version, you think I’m going to drop another $600 for a 10% discount? No way, what am I going to do with two $600 Iron Neck devices?

I would have appreciated it if they had a proper upgrade path for existing customers to return the current device and get a proper discount. Furthermore, seeing as though I just upgraded it, I did feel kind of cheated by them.

All that being said, despite the bad taste in my mouth, rest assured that my update is still fair and honest. If my neck pain were gone and all was better, I’d definitely let you know that, despite their bad handling of the upgrades, etc.

Much like my first review, I can’t recommend or discourage using this product. I have not experienced those magical changes people swear they had using it. But it hasn’t “noticeably” jacked me up either, as far as I can tell. Purchasing this is still very much a gamble in my opinion as I haven’t had any concrete success with it. It is an expensive gamble as well, and according to my therapists, I just burned $600 with this purchase.

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