Is moving the U.S Embassy worth it?

Is moving the U.S embassy to Jerusalem worth it? Last I saw, 52 Palestinians were killed by Israeli troops. I know so many of you don’t care, but those are human lives. They are protesting the U.S moving our embassy to Jerusalem. This is something that many before have postponed until a solution regarding Jerusalem’s status could be reached. A resolution that has yet to happen.

Over the years, we have yet to come up with a two state, or any solution regarding Israel and Palestine. Meanwhile, Israel has been expanding it’s borders via illegal settlements. They know, and we also know that its wrong, yet they continue to do it. That’s not right folks. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not anti Israel, but I believe they should stop supporting those settlement expansions. Wrong is wrong.

In this particular scenario, the Palestinians are wrong and have put themselves in danger by trying to force themselves across the Israeli border fences. We all know that Israel doesn’t play around and that they won’t allow it. They will shoot to kill. Holding protests is one thing, but trying to push into the country is something else. It’s an act of hostility and they will respond accordingly, I would not encourage that at all. Also, we all know that Hamas is not all that innocent, they’ve done dirt, and some claim that they are the ones behind the protests. And who are the victims? The regular people, same story as with our governments, sacrificing the expendables. Regardless, trying to breach the border is a mistake, and sadly life has been loss due to it.

So back to the embassy… Y’all know Trump, he’s a true maverick, sure let’s go ahead and move the embassy over there, but don’t worry, we’ll still find a solution for Palestine, I’ll take care of it. Ego and pride, and this “cause I can do it” attitude is causing all this death and strife. We haven’t been able to resolve the situation yet, but he thinks that this could somehow make things better?

This move is not only costing Palestinian lives, but it endangers all Americans (and Israelis) who work and visit the embassy, mark my words on that. Furthermore, way to create the next batch of future terrorist who will seek revenge for all these deaths. 52 dead, and allegedly over 2,000 injured. Y’all don’t think that they have loved ones? People who will bide their time to get payback? They can’t fight you head on, so what do you expect they will do? For what, to say, “Hey, look, I got such big balls and I moved the embassy.” Simply to make a fucking point that is pointless.

I’m American and I love my home land, but our leaders are some dumb motherfuckers who continually fan the flames of war and conflict. We do it all over the globe, with little to no regard as to what we leave behind in our wake! These politicians (Trump included) have no regard for human life, you as well as all of our brothers and sisters are expendable. This is just the price of doing business.

People have asked me why I stopped serving in our military? I left because our leaders don’t care about “we the people,” and they certainly don’t care about the indigenous people in the lands we occupy. They only care about their damn agendas. Fuck politicians. So much life has been loss because of their selfish games. This is just another example of the U.S doing something that it wasn’t time for, and certainly wasn’t necessary at all. Most other countries have their embassies in Tel Aviv, yet here we go. The pioneers right? Wooh, we are so different, paving the way for the future.

I fear that one day, our innocent children will bear the price tag for what these leaders are doing today. I deeply apologize in advance to all of our children for what our countries have done.

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