LG Youtube Stars present MysteryGuitarMan

Anyone who knows me personally, is well aware that I am a musician. I love to create songs of all types. If you can name it, I have done it! No, really, I’m not kidding! I have put out hip hop songs, rock songs, Spanish songs, and even sweet, soft ballads! Unfortunately, for me, my talents are not musically inclined, but more towards the written word aspect of music. That’s where a guy like MysteryGuitarMan, and his collaboration with LG G3 catches my attention.

When LG’s folks reached out to me to take a look at this video, and consider writing a post on it, I was pleased. Why? Well, it should be obvious, because I love music! So listening to an artist I’m already a fan of, using a phone with such powerful multimedia and sound capabilities, this isn’t work, this is utter pleasure!

So check this out, this dude made this song that you just heard, with only the LG G3 phone! Now ain’t that some crazy stuff? We all know that MysteryGuitarMan is a talented artist, he wouldn’t be a Youtube star otherwise. So it goes without saying that he can create some pretty awesome music, but it’s always cool when you add some tech to the equation, and create entire compositions using only a phone! Now that’s a trip.

While listening to this, my creative juices wanted to flow, and there is a strong chance that I may write some lyrics to this at some point. However, that is entirely up to my brain, heart, and soul. I don’t have too much conscious say about what I write when it comes to my music, I only write as my soul directs me to do so.

So what did you guys think of this cool song created with the LG G3?

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LG Youtube Stars present MysteryGuitarMan http://t.co/HyOSIjUS0y


@LGUS @LGUSAMobile http://t.co/odwFeuG2Ep what do you guys think?