Never A Shortage Of Critics

No matter the good you do in this world, there is someone out there who will always attempt and find a way to knock you down. That goes without saying, it is as clear as daylight.

Jesse Williams recently spoke up at the BET awards as he was given a humanitarian recognition. Some people applauded his efforts, others attacked him.

Now, you would think that his critics would only be non-blacks, but then you’d be wrong. Even within the black community he has received judgement. See, he’s a light skin, mixed black man. So of course you’ll have people saying that he has extra privilege. Mind you, I think we can all agree that the lighter your hue, the more assumed privilege you have. But does that negate or hurt his blackness? Does it make his message any weaker?

Though I have been told I have “white privilege,” I have never accepted that my light skin color is solely what has led me to live a rather successful life. It really irritates the hell out of me when someone attempts to credit my successes with my skin color. That completely negates all the drug dealing jobs I turned down, all the nights I studied, the hours I put in at school, and all the micro decisions that I made along the way to get me where I am at today. Trust me, there is no shortage of light skin Puerto Ricans who have been locked up. However, all that being said, I do not deny, and completely acknowledge that my light skin has probably made my journey slightly less difficult. I didn’t say easy, just less difficult than it may have been for someone from my same neighborhood in Puerto Rico, or the Bronx, who happens to have darker skin than I do.

See, I can acknowledge some level of privilege. I expect you to acknowledge and recognize my efforts as well. But this ain’t about me, or Jesse William’s privilege. All that privilege stuff aside, it bugs me out that there are people out there criticizing his choice in life partner. What the hell does his wife have to do with anything?

What the hell does who he married, how she dresses, acts, looks, or wears her hair have to do with the message he is delivering? Who are you to judge who he loves, and why? Y’all need to step off and leave the man’s wife and family alone! Focus on his message, and be thankful that someone with that much visibility is out there helping the cause! Geez!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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