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Nobu Tribecca on Foodio54 I went to Nobu a very long time ago! If you asked me what I thought about it, without reading my review, I probably couldn’t answer the question. My wife has been wanting to visit this place for some time now, so for her 21st birthday I decided to take her here. Along with our friends and fancy restaurant companions, Ken and Clara we headed out here. Visually, I had absolutely no recollection of the place at all, I didn’t recognize anything at all. Maybe they rearranged things? Or maybe my memory just sucks really bad. In any case this might as well have been my first time ever visiting the place. The vibe at this place was pretty cool, it’s stylish and quite comfortable. I wish I had the time to write the review right after the dinner.

nobu dinner

Trying to recall all the details days later is always difficult for me. I have some pictures, I’m looking at the receipt, but it’s just not the same. That being said this will not be one of my more comprehensive business reviews. However, coming here did answer some questions for me. The main one being “Do I like Nobu’s food?”  The answer to that is yes, the food were was very good.

563626_10151721288194151_1965480078_nOne of the items I decided to try so that I could compare it with Koi NYC where I recently had it, was the “Crispy Rice”. It was pretty good.  Again for comparative purposes, we went with the Rock shrimp tempura. Morimoto is still the king of Rock shrimp as far as me and my wife are concerned, that’s not to say this one wasn’t good, but Morimoto still holds the standard by which I measure rock shrimp tempura.

One of the items that I found extremely delicious here was the Artic Charr, my friend Clara has that and I had a taste, wow that was good! I had the black cod with Miso and that was really good too, I think it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with any of Nobu’s signature cooked dishes. In fact we were encouraged to try these because they are specific to Nobu’s restaurant. I’m glad we did.

We had a squid pasta and that was pretty good too. A few rolls, some sushi, and some sashimi. As much as I remember the food was good. I feel kind of bad that I have to put overall feeling as opposed to details, but this is what happens when you are so satisfied from a meal that you fall asleep. Hahah. Anyway, if you are up for some really good fish, then this place is definitely worth trying, that Artic Charr was my favorite and if I return that’s what I want to eat!

The dessert was really good as well, service was outstanding, and I have no complaints about this place.

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