Not all massage therapists are created equal

Unfortunately, you can go to a fancy smancy massage location, that has historically provided amazing massages, and find that one of the therapists is not that good. It stands to reason that its not the place itself, but the therapists who do the great work. Sure, ambiance is nice and all that, but the person doing the work is the key.

I am not here looking to crap on anyone’s income or livelihood, so I won’t be putting any specific details as to my experiences on this post. But I will say that it is a trial and error process when looking for a massage therapist.

Whenever I am presented with a new name, I am usually reluctant to try them and generally opt to wait for one of my trusted therapists. However, by taking a chance and trying out new ones, is how I’ve found my trusted therapists. Its always a gamble when exploring. You might find an amazing new masseuse to add to the list, or you might just burn $100, plus tip, on a crappy massage. Yes, I still tip them even if I didn’t like the service. Massage therapy is not easy work, and despite my personal opinion on their style, you can’t knock the effort put forth and I always respect that.

I take it as an opportunity to shrink or grow my pool of acceptable therapists. It sucks when you don’t like their work because it’s not cheap and you lose the money, but that is the nature of life. Trial and error. So yeah, in my opinion, not all massage therapists are created equal.

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