The litter bug

I was walking my dog today and I peeped this not so friendly guy walking down my block. He was going to get a sticker to validate his parking. As he walked by me he avoided eye contact and was drinking a beer. Then as he finished it he proceeded to drop it right on the floor by a tree.

I wanted to tell him that there was a trash can just feet away from where he threw it. As I thought of this, I knew that if I went that path I’d probably have to fight him or at a minimum it could escalate verbally. This guy didn’t look like the type of person who likes to be called out for being a litter bug.

I’m not a troublemaker, but I don’t understand what this guy is thinking coming into someone’s neighborhood and just throwing trash on the floor like that. This was not a child, it was an adult, and this “adult” just threw a glass beer bottle on the floor. Have we not evolved pass that behavior? Do you do that at home? Ugh, never mind, you probably do.

I watched him for a bit, trying to see if I could determine which was his car so that I could put the bottle on his windshield. Then I thought the better of it. This guy is a dirtbag and nothing I do here today is going to change that. You know, I thought of the Carl Hiaasen book “Sick Puppy” as this happened. If you’ve read it, you’ll understand. If not, check out the review to get an idea, it’s pretty hilarious.

So first and foremost, you don’t want to start a fight unless you are willing to finish it. I’m really not looking to hurt anyone, nor am I looking to get hurt. Second and possibly more importantly, I was with my doggy Peppa, and I can’t engage in any physical altercations while I’m with my dog, especially something like this which is completely avoidable. 

Yes, this dirtbag’s behavior annoyed me, it just doesn’t make sense. However, that’s not the hill I will die on. It’s not worth it over such a small thing. Especially when I’m with someone (Peppa) that I’ll need to protect in addition to myself. I just kept on walking pass him, but that behavior is not cool. Please don’t be that person.

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