Rock and a hard place boot camp thoughts

I watched this program where youth offenders are given a second chance at life. The way that it works is that they are required to complete a rigorous 6 month boot camp program, and if they succeed, they can avoid their lengthy prison sentences.

The program looks pretty tough, and it is led by some hard drill instructors. 6 months is a long time to spend in a boot camp type setting, but it is the blink of an eye compared to the 30 years in prison which some of them faced.

It baffles me that two of the guys reached 1 month from graduation and then decided to try escaping while doing a good behavior detail on the outside. I mean, dude, you are one month away from completion, why would you throw it all away? I think that one of them got 7 years in prison for this. Why? It truly, truly makes no sense to me.

The remaining 33 guys went on to complete the program and return to their normal lives. I truly hope that they stay the course and go on to live healthy and fruitful lives.

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