The Witcher Blood Origin

This limited series is a prequel that dates back about 1,000 than the Henry Cavill Witcher we saw. It actually traces the origins of the first Witcher.

I flew threw this series in one seating and I really enjoyed it. It’s all new and unknown characters to us, with the exception of the bard, Jaskin. He is asked to catch and share an ancient story through his song.

The show is kind of like the usual stuff you’d expect. People in the quest for power, some under some misguided hope of changing the world, and others on a quest for revenge and right. There are some pretty heavy plot lines and the show was entertaining.

This original Witcher is not quite as evolved as Geralt was, and I presume that’s because the formula wasn’t properly created yet, but hey, it gets the job done.

If you are a fan of the Witcher series, you will enjoy this. It was pretty dope.

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