Did Ronda Rousey Steal Asuka’s big Moment?

So I haven’t watched wrestling since I was a kid. Back then I’d watch the WWF which is now known as the WWE. I saw some clips yesterday showing that Ronda Rousey has crossed over to the WWE. She came out donning Rowdy Piper’s old style, walked into the ring, pointed to Wrestlemania, and then tried to shake hands with Asuka. Asuka wasn’t having it and slapped her hand away.

I kind of enjoyed seeing her come out in the clip, but I have to ask myself did Ronda Rousey steal Asuka’s big moment by being introduced in this fashion? Also, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about her rocking Rowdy Piper’s style, though she seems to be a huge fan, and I guess the gimmick can work. I wonder how Piper would feel if he were still around?

This was the first ever female royal rumble, and Asuka is the first female royal rumble champion, so for this sport, this event was historic. I know that the job of these folks is to sell tickets, create buzz, and so on, but I’m not extremely happy about how it went down. Mind you, I don’t know any of these characters, like I said, I haven’t watched wrestling since the days of Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant. My dad and I would watch the show every weekend, but eventually it stopped. Once I learned it was all scripted, it really stopped. So I missed the whole Rock era, and so on.

I will admit that Ronda Rousey crossing over got my attention, obviously since I’m writing about it. I’m sure that the MMA and UFC crowd are going to call her a sellout. Many will say that she did this because she could no longer hang in the UFC, but I’m sure that Ronda will be the one laughing all the way to the bank given the type of money that I’m sure she’s getting from the WWE. She did her thing in the UFC, I mean she was champion and held it down for a while, so she can now exploit her fame and recognition to garner a bigger pay day from the WWE. We all know that the UFC doesn’t pay the fighters as much as they should, so you can’t hate on her for looking out for herself.

I’m not against her having being brought out during this event, but I think that rather than set up the potential feud the way they did, they could have let Asuka have her moment and introduced Ronda some other way. What do you guys think about this? Either way, I might just start watching wrestling again, if only to check out how this continues. On a side note, I think that Asuka and Rousey both looked amazing last night! Can I be in love with both of them at the same time?

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Angel Rodriguez

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steven ketcham
steven ketcham

good article, at least your completely honest. i’ve been a fan since bob backlund, having met him a few times in person when he used to show up at the smithtown youth tournament in suffolk county, ny. unlike you i haven’t missed anything. as far as askua goes, that sort of thing the hand slap, is her M.O, she done worse is NXT and did so the following night to sasha banks on raw. i thought it was cute but i doubt her spotlight was stolen, after all people who didn’t know who she was prior to that night do… Read more »

Angel Rodriguez

You make many valid points. She’ll do great I’m sure. She has nothing to prove in Mma anymore, get that big pay day at wwe!