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Samantha Leon And Her Beautiful Voice

Some days you come across something that completely overtakes you. Today has been one of those days. Honestly, I cannot tell you why, but when I listened to this cover of Aaliyah’s “Let me know,” it completely brought me to tears. Why is that? Why is something that is so amazingly beautiful making me cry? Could it be that her beautiful voice, along with Aaliyah’s melody take me back to a simpler time? Is she making contact with parts of my soul that have long been buried? I don’t know exactly what is happening, but I love this. I completely love this feeling of vulnerability.

This isn’t the first time that Samantha Leon has moved me in such a way. Several months ago, my good friend and fellow musician, Charlie Scott put me on to her work. I went over to her Youtube channel, and listened to a song called “Glad.” As I watched her play the piano, and her voice effortlessly flowed in tune with the keys, my tears began to flow. And today she has done it again!

Samantha’s voice has the amazing ability to pass right through all of my externals shields, it cuts through the facade, it goes straight through to the core of me, and it brings forth an Angel that I don’t see often.

I’m not made of ice, I cried when my son graduated, I’ve cried at movies, and certain songs that are attached to memories can move me to tears. Yet, simply hearing a voice? That has never happened, not like this. Obviously, not all of her songs do this to me, but these two I mentioned were just too much. I just let it take me.

As an artist, I have heard many vocalists, beautiful, amazing vocalists. Yet, none brought me to tears like this. This crying is not a bad thing, it’s not like I’m sitting here sobbing and suffering. It’s not that type of crying, if that makes any sense? It’s just the sheer beauty of her voice, the delivery, the content, it completely overwhelms the senses.

Today, I have listened to her version of “Let me know” several times, and though I am no longer crying, I am still deeply moved by it. If you have time, please have a listen to either of these songs. You will fall in love with her work, just like I have.

Samantha Leon is an amazing artist and I just had to share her with you guys! I couldn’t keep this to myself. Her voice is sheer ecstasy to my ears, it inspires me to breathe, to live, to feel, to be, to create. She’s just, WOW!

For more from this amazing young lady, check out her website at Samantha Leon Music.

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[…] artist like Samantha Leon, enters your soul through a different emotional channel, making an impression all the same. […]

Samantha Leon
Samantha Leon
5 years ago

This moved me. Your honesty and kindness is something I don’t come by very often. It takes a lot for many of us to pull back our guards and act from our hearts. Though it can be both simple and difficult, I think that the most and the best we can ever offer each other is honesty. It helps. It heals. And that goes for everything including this post you wrote and the songs I sing. Perhaps that’s why we are in a very real and peaceful emotional space at the moment. Again, I’m genuinely humbled by the connection music… Read more »

5 years ago

A little reminiscent of early Norah Jones.

5 years ago

Beautiful voice, indeed. I’ve never heard of her before, but I appreciate the introduction. I have yet to hear someone sing and bring me to tears. Maybe because I a have no soul lol


[…] I wrote a heartfelt piece about Samantha Leon, and I have covered many other artists. Samantha didn’t ask me to do this, she didn’t […]

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