When I discovered masturbation

When I was a young teenager, I was always horny. Honestly, I’m 46 years old now, and I’m still always horny. Not much has changed in that realm.

In any case, I don’t recall precisely when I discovered masturbation, but I was fairly young at the time, probably 13 or so when I started taking it to completion. I remember my mom was being held at a mental hospital due to some stuff we were going through back then. As a Christian child, I thought that we were being punished by God because I continued to jerk off. I wanted to stop so that my mom could come back home, but I couldn’t stop. In fact, the guiltier I felt about it, the more I did it. I remember one time I jerked off 15 times back to back. My refractory period was sick back then, it still kind of is. Haha.

So why the grainy screenshot you might ask? Well, back in those days, we didn’t have instant access to internet porn like we do today. I’m talking VHS porn cassettes with Ron Jeremy and Vanessa Del Rio. You know, there were these two scenes, I never ever forgot them. One was this couple in a kitchen, doing it back to back. The other was this couple on a bed and she just spread like my 13-year-old mind could not comprehend. Damn, those scenes were hot! I doubt I’d ever find them in the cesspool of porn that exists today. LOL.

Right, the screenshots. So as we didn’t have easy access to porn, and I was always horny, those old-school reggae videos provided just enough sexuality to help your boy achieve an orgasm. “Trailer load a girls” was one of my go-to videos back then, that’s a screenshot from that vhs video. Oddly, I rewatched it recently and I’m not sure which part got me exactly. It doesn’t have the same effect on a 46-year-old horny guy’s brain. I did watch “Murder she wrote” and that one did slightly stoke the flame of desire. I think that’s because Maxie looks ever so slightly like the girl I was first sexually intimate with in my childhood though.

In any case, I have never stopped masturbating since then. It is a regular part of life and the only way I can stay functional in society. If I stopped masturbating and let that stuff build up, then I’d go from just being horny all the time, to being savage horny all the time. I’d never get anything done. LOL.

Now this might sound like too much information, but trust me, all the fellas have been through it. I could give you some crazy stories, but we’ll just leave it here. So, uhm, yeah, that’s when I discovered masturbating…

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