Somethin’ Jazz Club

So tonight I went to watch my friend’s wife, Naomi Okai, perform with her jazz quartet. The group is very talented, and her voice is very beautiful. I enjoyed watching the show.

The venue is on the 3rd floor of what appears to have been a townhouse in its past life. Pretty nice venue, I can dig it. This is the second “Somethin Jazz Club.” Apparently it was started in Tokyo, and has made it’s way over here. I realized once I entered that there were a lot of people speaking Japanese. I assumed that they had ties to Japan. I confirmed it through a quick google search.

I was pretty tired after a very long, stressful day, so I only stayed for the first half of Naomi’s set. But it’s was cool, I’ll look to see if Naomi has a reverbnation or SoundCloud account.  I’d like to hear her professional recordings.

I tell you one thing I didn’t like about this place, I think that today I had the most expensive ginger ale I have ever had in my entire 37 years of life! $6.50 for a glass of ginger ale. Holy crap! That’s just plain robbery! Don’t punish me for not drinking liquor, I’m not drinking ginger ale cause I’m cheap, I just don’t want alcohol! The admission to the show is fair, at $12 it is reasonable for a four piece band. The drink on the other hand is plain highway robbery at its finest.

If you are a fan of jazz music, check this place out, but don’t order a ginger ale.

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Somethin’ Jazz Club


@arodomus There were these two women jazz musicians who used to do kids Japanese music hour there. Haven’t heard from them in a while.


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