Thanos Death Sentence by Stuart Moore

Overall, I think this was a good book, but the ending kind of left me feeling kind of blah! I try to be vague here and not include any big spoilers, but I do speak on some of the content in order to make my point. Proceed with caution if you don’t want any details.

It is a story that starts with Thanos having absolute power over the universe having united all of the infinity stones. With the power of the Infinity Gauntlet he goes on a rampage and kills nearly everything in the known and unknown Universe, including Earth.

However, before their demise, earth’s mightiest heroes have called upon his grandfather, Kronos to try and stop him. Thanos is soon outsmarted and defeated by his grandfather. Having lost all his power, and everything else, Lady Death, the one who he always seeks to impress and please comes to meet him. His mistress decides to play a weird game with him where she sends him into many different bodies to see if he can accomplish some task that is never really laid out for us.

Thanos goes into the body of one of his servants and does a bunch of stuff, some of it not very cool. Then he moves to the body of a Kree and ultimately the body of a human in some weird world. All the while we have no idea what the hell he is supposed to be doing.

Then, as abruptly as it starts, we are at the end of the book, something happens and then it’s all over. Like, what the heck was all that work and effort for? What exactly was the point of this journey he took throughout all those bodies? I was waiting for some point or realization that simply never came. I kind of felt like it was all for nothing.

I enjoyed the read, but I wasn’t happy with how it ended. It felt kind of cheap and pointless.

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