The Batman

My son loves Batman, I think his Uncle Al had that influence over him. When it comes to DC comics I always favored Superman over the Bat. Though over the years I’ve grown to respect The Batman more than I did when I was younger.

So when my boy found out that they were making a new Batman with Edward from Twilight, he immediately let me know. As soon as tickets were available, he bought 2 of them for us. Oh, and now he listens to Nirvana. Lol. 

His opinion after one watching was that the film is a 10 out of 10. He couldn’t identify any gripes or concerns about the movie. That opinion may change after a few watches, but as it stands, that’s where we are at. 

In my opinion, the movie was phenomenal. I actually enjoyed Twilight, but admittedly I was a bit concerned about Robert Pattinson taking on this role. Upon watching the previews, those concerns were laid to rest. Watching the film simply confirmed what I already believed from the previews, he did a great job as The Batman. 

The movie is pretty heavy and rough, this is a more tough and aggressive Batman. He still doesn’t kill anyone, but he’ll shoot a grappling hook through your leg if you step out of line. He’ll also pound your face into the pavement. Mess around and find out!

The film features many recognizable characters from the comics and animated films. You get to see Falcone, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler and a few other characters. All these actors did a phenomenal job, Colin Farrell? I didn’t even recognize this dude! Zoe Kravitz? All I gotta say is, “Are you gonna go my way?” Meow! Jim Gordon? Great job! All one can say is great job to all.

The film was packed with action and excitement all the way through. I know it technically hasn’t come out yet, but my boy got tickets to some fan event or something. No previews, no nonsense, just the movie. It said starting at 7pm, I figured we had previews and such, nope, it started at 7pm!

If you are a fan of Batman, I know you are already planning to or already saw this movie. If you are unsure because of Edward Cullen, have no fear! Robert Pattinson did a great job being intimidating, acting, voicing, and he really embodied the spirit of Batman. Phenomenal work by all parties involved and I highly recommend the film.

I’ll close and say that this could possibly be the best Batman film to date.

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