The Protege film review

The Protege is a 2021 action thriller starring Maggie Q, who despite my wife saying is a conceited actress she remembers from Hong Kong, delivered a pretty solid performance. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was a bit biased because she’s quite nice to look at.

One of the major factors in my deciding to actually give this film a chance was that I saw Samuel L. Jackson in the trailer. I mean, come on now, you can’t go wrong with a Samuel L. Jackson film. Furthermore, I saw Michael Keaton and Peacemaker’s dad! LOL, I’m just playing, Robert Patrick.

According to the “critics” this movie was a flop, but I thought the film was pretty enjoyable. Frankly, I’ve never once in my life given a damn what “professional” critics have to say about anything. I prefer to read an unbiased customer generated review than the words of some arrogant jerk who someone convinced was good enough at watching tv that they made them some sort of semi professional at it. This movie is a perfect example of why we should never listen to critics, I liked it, they didn’t. Meh.

So the story is about some professional assassins who are targeted for looking into the whereabouts of some individual they shouldn’t have looked into. Everyone starts to end up dead and Maggie then vows to get revenge for her friends who were killed. The story leads her back to Vietnam where it all sort of began and the mayhem proceeds from there.

There are a few things that happen throughout the film that don’t entirely make sense like some beatings she takes and walks away from. There is an unlikely romance between hitmen, dead people who are not actually dead. But it all kind of flows and makes sense with the overall arc of the story to a degree.

I guess over the many years of watching tv I am warped and don’t know what constitutes a good or great movie, but in so far as enjoyable, I liked this one and think its worth a watch. Sadly, due to the poor critic reception, I’m not sure we will get a sequel to this? But perhaps due to opinions like mine it may yet come to pass? I liked the movie.

If you have a few hours and want to watch a film that will most likely entertain you, I think this one would work just fine. I enjoyed The Protege.

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