The double K.O.

Me and my homeboy were going a couple of rounds at the karate school. We were working hands that day, just pure boxing. My homie was more of a boxer and I happened to be a brawler.

We spent sometime feeling each other out, tagging one another, then we started turning it up. At one point, I start shifting to my right and he start shifting towards the left. We both threw a power shot at that point, neither of us saw the other’s shot coming because the way we shifted we ended up in blind spots.

All I know is that I caught him on the jaw with what I believe was a straight cross punch that sent him flying back. Simultaneously he caught me on the side of the face\head with a hook that sent me flying back. We damn near double k.o’d ourselves.

You should have seen how excited we were for what happened. We were both bleeding and in a good deal of pain. However, at the same time we were both going “Holy shit man, that was awesome!”

To this day that remains one of my favorite sparring sessions. We did some good work that day.

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