The lazy ass barber

Perhaps a year or so ago I went to get a haircut at a barbershop. The barber was cool and once it was my turn he got to work. He cut my hair in record time and I thought to myself, “man, this guy is good.” He took the smock off of me and told me he was done. I looked at him and asked him to let me see the back with the mirror. His expression told me that something was off, that’s when he said, “oh, wait, I noticed something.” He then put the smock back on me and started to “fix” the thing he saw. Then he got the mirror and showed me.

Now you should know this about me, I’m not difficult, or an asshole, but one thing I can’t stand is when a lazy person tries to get over on me. I also can’t stand when someone tries to put me in a situation where I’m supposed to be polite and not offend their feelings when they know damn well they are wrong. So this dude had left a bunch of long hairs by my ear and the fade didn’t look even to me. So I told him what was wrong and asked him to fix it. Over and over we went through it until I felt he got everything acceptable. Again, I’m not an asshole or out for perfection, but for fucks sake! Come on man, this is your job! Do it right and take some pride in your damn work.

Several weeks later I went back to get a haircut, but I was looking for my regular guy, I wasn’t gonna get a buzz with this turd bag barber again. And it turns out that my barber had left early. I was a bit pissed off because I commuted over there and my guy wasn’t around. So this dude starts to tell me, “Man, I don’t want to ever cut your hair again. You want a good haircut and that just takes too much time. I like to do a quick, shitty haircut and most people are happy with it. If you want a fast, crappy haircut, come to me. If you want a good haircut, go to someone else. I do 5 people in the same time most barbers do 1 or 2. I go fast and kick them out.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I really considered telling the owner about this, but I’m not out here trying to hurt anyone’s livelihood. However, it pissed me off because that’s one less barber that could cut my hair at that location. Before, they had another guy who was pretty good, and the owner does a great fade as well. But this guy is now his only partner, and as you can see, he’s a lazy fuck. He can do good work if he applies himself, but obviously he doesn’t want to.

I don’t understand how a professional could make a statement like “I won’t cut your hair because you want a good haircut and I only do quick, mediocre haircuts.” I don’t want that guy working at the place where I cut my hair. Though I’ve remained quiet about it for now, I’m really tempted to tell them owner about it. Why? Cause fuck that guy! We deserve someone who does good work at the barbershop!

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