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The Monuments Men

On paper this film looked like it had all the ingredients for a great hit. It is packed with very familiar faces, some of whom are the masters of their craft. It had a fairly interesting plot, which if I’m not mistaken is based on a true story. I mean, everything was there. Even Nazis, an enemy that we can all get behind hating.

Unfortunately, the film fell flat on its face for me. I watched about 45 minutes of the movie, waiting for the awesomeness that never came. After all that time I looked at my family and asked, “Would you guys mind if we move on? This thing just isn’t picking up and I don’t want to invest anymore time on it.” They agreed and we carried on.

I didn’t hate the film, but I certainly didn’t enjoy it. I found it super slow and boring. Perhaps, if we hung on just a bit longer it would have gotten better? Maybe? Maybe not? With so many promising options at our fingertips, I just couldn’t get myself to invest anymore time into this movie.

If you are aware of the time you are not enjoying yourself. If you are getting bored, then perhaps it’s time to cut your losses and move along. That’s what happened here and that’s what I did. Sorry, all star cast, but perhaps the book would be a better option?

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