Verizon Overcharged me for months!

I’ve been on Verizon fios for a few years. I have to tell you, the difference between this and spectrum is night and day. Since moving to fios I have not experienced any issues, not even one outage. The service is reliable and as solid as can be.

That being said, Verizon has disappointed me in another area. For the past few years my monthly cost has been $80 for 100/100 speeds. Like I said, I have no complaints in that department. However, something was gnawing at me and told me to call them up and see what the current plans were. So I did.

Come to find out that I could pay $20 more and go from 100/100 to 1,000/1,000 speeds! Even more surprising was that I could move to 300/300 for $40 less! You read that right, Verizon has been charging me a higher rate for and obsolete plan that was actually slower than what they do today.

I think that is pretty messed up on Verizon’s part. If you are lowering prices or having some deals, the first people who should be taken care of are the loyal customers who have kept you on top for years. I know that you wish to entice new subscribers, but those of us who are here already should not be subsidizing the new people’s bill by being quietly kept on a more expensive plan.

I’m not happy with Verizon over this shady business practice. I jokingly but seriously told the rep that they should comp me for all those months that I’ve been getting robbed. At the end of the day, they moved me to the better plan, but the fact that I’ve been overpaying by hundreds of dollars for years really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Verizon is a huge, powerful company. Overall, they provide a great service. But this kind of business practice is not cool and it is the kind of thing that makes you look at other options. They may be one of the only few services, and on top of their game, but this behavior can and does have long term consequences.

Check yourself and take care of your loyal customers, or one day your shareholders will be sorry.

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