Business Review – Fighthouse

I like fighthouse. I have been there many times and I enjoyed my time there.

When I went I primarily used the ring for MMA fight preparation. I was getting ready for a fight and my trainers used this space as it was convenient for everyone. I’d pay a mat fee of $20 or so and get space for about 1.5 hours. After which we did whatever we wanted.

They also hold different types of classes there as well. I have done the brazilian jiujitsu classes along with the MMA classes. Although last I went it was under Christiano Bertolucci and I believe he is no longer there.

They hold Kung Fu classes, boxing instruction, Brazilian Jujitsu, Systema, muay thay, and some other types of classes. It’s a pretty diverse space used by many martial artist, in many different styles.

I believe the layout cost wise was $90 for 1 style, and $150 for 2 styles. I don’t know if they give discounts if you choose more than 2. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Peggy is in charge there and though she was usually very reserved in her interactions with me, she eventually warmed up a bit.

If you go, tell her “Angel”, the guy that trained there with Peter Storm sent you, maybe she’ll remember me and take care of you. Maybe not.

Bottom line is that fighthouse is a no frills, bare bones place to train. Tons of martial artists from all walks of life. Don’t expect the golden mats, but expect to train.

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