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Urbanspoon – Pollos a brasa Marion


Pollos a la Brasa Marion on Urbanspoon

This is another one of those local spots that you must try if you are in the Queens 7 train line vicinity.. I believe this spot is a franchise though, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than one. However don’t let that influence your opinion, it’s still quite a delicious non-franchise feeling place. Is that English I just wrote?

As I write this post I feel a craving for an “arepa”. I hope I have the name correct. It’s a delicious bread like item that they serve you with your dish.

I know most of the staff there by facial recognition, and they always treat me well whether I order takeout or sit in for a meal. If I am not mistaken they are open 24 hours a day. I went there during a heavy snow storm at well past midnight because my son wanted pizza!

Usually I will get a combination meal. This would consist of rice, beans, pork strip, quarter chicken, pork loin, and steak! Along with this you get a small salad and those yummy arepas!

Don’t quote me on the exact items. Though I am Puerto Rican I am not immune to butchering the names of items on the menu.

They have many more items on the menu, I mentioned even pizza! Though I cannot say much for the pizza, it was ok, but clearly not their specialty.

If you happen to pass by one of these spots in your travels through Roosevelt avenue, do give this place a try.

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