Business Review – The Full Shilling

In the middle of March my senior management finally decided to make good on our “Holiday Dinner”. We initially were meant to go to “Bobby Vans”, however since they waited so long the budget did not permit for “lavish steak luxuries”. Instead we were taken to this local bar.

Considering it was the middle of the week, as usual there was no liquor for me. I simply had some sprite. The soda tasted ok, wasn’t too watered down.

For appetizers we had:

– Crab cakes, they were pretty good. I think they use real crab meat as I had to spit out some hard cartilage or what not.

– Chicken fingers, those were dry and regular. Nothing fancy, nothing bad. Just batter drenched chicken chunks.

– Calamari, this one was particularly bland and tasteless. Seriously, I didn’t taste anything!

Buffalo chicken wings, these were spicy and tasty.

As my main dish I had the cheese burger with cheddar cheese and fries. The burger tasted pretty good, it was cooked to my order and the fries were pretty good. Considering it’s a bar, and provides bar food, it wasn’t too bad. Except that calamari, that was simply garbage.

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It’s a bar in the financial district. Really what more can one say? The air inside feels good, the drinks are good, and the little burgers are good.

It can get crowded, particularly this time of year, but it’s always an ok spot to visit. I don’t frequent bars much, I’ve always been a club type of guy, but as far as bars go, I’d say this is a fine establishment.

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