Business Review – Voca People

This show was amazing. I went here with my wife, thanks to Jane
and Yelp yet again for the awesome hookup.
Everything in this show is done by the actor’s own voices. The music,
beats, sound effects, everything is done by the performers. And my
goodness do they do it well.

These guys sang songs that ranged from the beginning of time and
spanned our nation’s entire musical era. During one scene they did
a medley of music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.
It was amazing…

They involved the audience in creative musical and also fun ways.
friends Steve, Ryan and Glenn were lucky enough to be chosen for
a few bits. Steve even got to dance on stage with a performer, it was
really cool…

During the entire show me and my wife had huge smiles on our faces,
you simply cannot stop smiling and clapping for these folks.  Most of
the friends were seated together and I saw the same looks on their
faces, hear their screams of joy and encouragement, clapping, sheer pleasure.

They did a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody that rivals even the original
artists. These folks have amazing beautiful voices. There is plenty of comedy and
humor all throughout the show. It was really cute seeing the giant Voca paired up
with the Tiny Voca. She was literally half his size, but her voice was amazingly powerful…

I’m so grateful to yelp for exposing me to these amazing shows that I may have never
otherwise seen. Until these events I never heard of Voca, but now that I saw it, I am so
glad I did. I want to see it again, I want my son to see it, my mom, my friends. It’s a shame
that I’d not know about it if not for this yelp hookup.

So I’m spreading the word via this review and my various other social media tools to inform
all my friends and family how great this show is.

Literally smiling, clapping, screaming, aiding the performers in singing and having a blast
for the entire time. When they finished we were all upset and didn’t want them to go…

Go see the show.. Trust me…

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